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Lupos is a semi-realistic wolf RPG, meaning that the characters are realistic-looking and -acting, but the wolves have human speech and some human customs. The site is a play-by-post roleplay game. We prefer that you roleplay in third person and past tense. Lupos is rated 13+. Mature content (violence and sexual themes) is allowed in the mature forums, which are limited to players 18+ (see rules).

The plot of Lupos is extremely character- and player-driven, creating a sandbox-type feel where your choices matter and affect the overall site plot.

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 3. Basic Information & Plot
 Posted: Oct 29 2015, 04:51 PM
Retired Owner
Played by EliteKilljoy

Type of RPG: Lupos is a play-by-post roleplay game. We roleplay in third person and past tense.

Genre: We are a semi-realistic wolf RPG.

Rating: Mature content is allowed (including violence and sexual themes) as long as the threads containing such things are marked.

Minimum Player Age: Technically, we allow any player. However, we prefer that the player is at least thirteen (13) years old because there is graphic content allowed on the site.

Founded On: October 28, 2015.

Location: A fictional continent.

Time Period: Present day (not that it matters much, since there are no humans).

Word Minimum: None.



Due to the pleasantly warm springtime, prey have once again returned to the places the packs call home. So much prey, in fact, that even the wolves living in the harsh desert regions have had full bellies for days. The Luna and Stella packs enjoy the same benefit of the returning prey, lessening the need to hunt to sate the ever-present hunger. For the first time in quite a while, all the wolves are content.

Still, trouble brews in their midsts. With the boom in the prey population, the predators have returned to where the food is plentiful. Hordes of them encroach upon the wolves' territory intent on driving them out to claim it for themselves. Many have died fighting off the "plague," but the relief won't last forever. While the smaller predators remain away from the wolves, they increase in numbers and, therefore, strength. It is only a matter of time before they truly start to move in on the packs' homes.

As the predators increase, so do the wolves. Prey is suddenly much less plentiful than before and the packs are starting to look somewhat thinner. Even in the midst of spring, the youngest and oldest wolves have begun to feel the pangs of hunger most keenly. Hunters now must work harder than before to bring home enough to satisfy the packs. Soon, the wolves start to succumb to starvation, each carcass only adding to the food pile for their hunters. While the packs now grow weaker, the hidden danger lurks and grows even still.

They have many choices laid out before them. Stella, Solis, and Luna can work together to ensure that each pack maintains a strong population in order to fend off their predators together -- or at least secure more prey and more land for themselves. They can choose to fight, shredding the others to pieces to pay for their own survival. Less competition means more food for the survivors, but the battle could reduce their numbers even more. The wolves may also choose to move to territory that has more prey, or fewer predators hidden in the wings. They can even decide to launch individual attacks on the competition in their home regions. There are many paths to take.

Still, the packs already have competition amongst themselves for the prey and their situations. The Luna pack is blessed with good territory and safe spots to hide -- but is easy to take over and certain predators such as bears and big cats often stalk out to take what they want.

The Stella pack has less food, but their evolved bodies allow them to reach peaks their competition cannot hope to climb. There they might find shelter in caves and small pockets of unsatisfying food sources. However, it is likely that predators lurk in the outskirts of the forest waiting to take over if the wolves falter in their defences. The good prey is located in the forest and a bear can easily take out three wolves by itself.

The Solis pack has perhaps the fewest predators but they face more danger in the form of deadly poison. Scorpions, snakes, spiders -- these all lie in wait for an unsuspecting wolf to fall into their traps.

The prey is diminishing in all these places, and the wolves must find a way to survive.

Meanwhile, most loners have chosen to join packs, though there are those who remain out of them for fear of being sucked into each packs' disputes and wars. Some think they can stick it out by themselves, too, and why not let them try? In hardships we must band together, but also to each their own. Packs now defend their territory even more fiercely and loners are not welcome unless they can lend a helping paw or contribute to the benefit of the pack. There are truly strong wolves who go their own ways but the weaker ones are being picked off by the hordes of predators and competition. It is not a good time to be alone now.

Welcome to Lupos! Here you will find one overarching site plot that takes place over a number of weeks while still allowing your wolves to do as they please within certain boundaries of the plot. Members are still free to drive this plot where it may go. For example, Alphas may choose to expel pack members if they are no use to the pack, or they may add more hunter ranks. They may also choose to send out small groups to scout, form alliances, or even launch attacks on the predators. Pack members may choose to hunt more or they might want to take out more manageable predators so things go easier for some time. In the face of adversary, there will be those who rise to the position and gain new ranks and those who fall behind. There will be those who make a name for themselves and there will be those who choose to retreat to the depths instead. The sky's the limit and your imagination is your companion. Happy roleplaying!
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