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Jan 20 2016, 12:31 PM
The male had wandered from his territory toward the waterfall where he'd find less salty water. In truth his reasons for doing so were but to clear his mind and find his center. Not to mention the slim possibility that he might discover a loner debating on becoming a part of a pack. Those who sought peace would be well placed within his own.

The heat however grew hotter yet as the sun found its pinnacle in the center of the sky above - marking only the beginning of the hottest portion of the day. Without a cloud in sight there would be no relief unless he found himself some shade. Not even wading in the water itself would cool him and it was not wise to remain in there for too long.

His russet ears pricked forward as he glanced at the cascading waters from atop and followed their path down below as the water collided with a pool beneath. A white mist spraying in every direction imaginable. Not one to miss an opportunity to explore despite the knowledge he should soon return to Luna territory he waded through waters of the lake and found himself beneath the falling waters.

"Oh. That feels good." He murmured to himself as he got an unintentional random massage from the force of the falls. What he had wandered so close to it for however was to see if perhaps behind might be found a secret cave. Yet the shower he was getting cooled him from the sun and felt too good to move and continue his search for what may or may not even be there.
Jan 20 2016, 12:37 AM

Noel Kringle
Two Years - Luna - Alpha


Fur: White, cream, gray/silver, russet
Eyes: Amber-Gold
Appearance: Noel is by some standards considered a rather handsome canis lupus. But even he is not without his faults appearance-wise. From an elegant countenance irises of amber-gold gaze outward into the distance. Running down his back is a thatch of silver reaching from just above his brows to more than halfway down his tail. Silver also surrounds the lower portion of his blanche muzzle. Along his snout is a sprinkling of different hued grays and silver. The golden cream then turns to a lighter shade of a sort of blanche coloration. His ears are precariously perched upon his scalp, alert to the sounds around, having a light reddish-brown hue. From the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail he is stretched out in sixty-eight inches. Quite a large brute when one adds to the fact that from his shoulders down he's stretched thirty-four inches. All together he weighs one-hundred and fifty pounds. His tail itself is thirteen inches of his total length. His long white encumbered legs are sleek and almost appear dainty, but this allows for extra speed when he races across the terrain. Over his rightmost eye is a scar, where no fur grows and to some he might look a bit menacing giving warning to all those who might come across him.

Notable Features: He has a scar running down the right hind thigh. Matching the claw of a cougar. On his left lower front leg the smaller scar of a snakes incisor impression. He also has a scar over his rightmost eye.


Noel is a gentle soul who at times may seem wise beyond his years. Yet he harbors the potential for great anger which he tempers with meditation and his own invention he calls <i>dance</i>. Movements that help him to channel any and all pent up frustrated energy. And oft before any diplomatic meeting or hopeful treaty he meditates beforehand lest he should ever respond in anger. Rarely does his anger last and grudges are something he'd rather not contemplate.

He is however no coward, but he does not go looking for trouble. His only true desire is to see his people living in peace and enjoying the days of their lives. And for them he will find a way; a peaceful way. For that is what he prefers. He'd rather see others as jolly, jovial and content as he himself than watch bloodshed rain down upon them and see the rivers turn crimson from unwanted and oft unnecessary battles of war.

Perhaps his trust and faith in others at times might be a weakness rather than a strength. And while he is oft one to offer second chances he rarely offers them immediately and it is almost unheard of him offering a third chance. Those who betray him will not so easily regain his trust, devotion or friendship.

One last thing of note is his adoration of pups and even yearlings. When he finds those abandoned or whom have lost their parents for any reason he oft takes them under his wing as his own to raise and lets them take on his surname which is something began by his great-grandfather that not all wolves may have. But it helps to keep track if only minimally the relations between himself and others. Although via adoption that does become a bit more complicated.


Noel was born to a pack in the north. One that is no more ever since his fathers cousin Phayte Kringle took over and destroyed it. He knows not if his family has followed him to the current terrain. But upon arriving he joined the Luna Pack wherein the previous leader took ill. Try as he might to save her with what little knowledge he had of herbs he was unable to. The last she asked of him and in front of her people was that he be their next leader for she had taken note of his peaceful ways. There was one who challenged him and this male he did defeat. But he did not tell him he had to leave despite others wishing him to be banished. It came to light however that the male had been poisoning their leader who died that very night. Now this was something not even Noel himself could forgive. He sentenced the wolf to eternal banishment far beyond pack lands. If he ever came back to harm anyone only then in defense would he sentence him to death if he did not back down.

Noel now sits within the Crescent Circle that he helped create with others upon his ascension to alpha of Luna. And it is there that special events take place within Luna.


Surge Kringle – Sire. (Timber black, brown and cream)
Salian Kringle – Mother. (All white)
Skylar Kringle – Eldest brother and littermate. (Timber black, brown and white)
Shard Kringle – Second Eldest brother and littermate (looks exactly like Skylar)
Tanakanaka Kringle – Elder Sister littermate (white)
Kris Kringle – Younger Littermate brother (timber black, brown, white/cream)
Meep Kringle – Younger sister.
Squee Kringle – Younger sister.
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