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Jan 17 2016, 09:56 AM
Veritas Jabez Requiem[/b
4 - Stella - Healer[/align]


Fur: Midnight black, devoid of all other colour.
Eyes: Forest green
Appearance: Veritas is the average size for a wolf female - nothing special, really. Apart from the muscle mass built up while a loner, the female tends to look as normal as normal could be.
Notable Features: One particular aspect of Veritas’ appearance is a massive, jagged scar spanning nearly the entire width of her neck. Hidden under mounds of well-groomed fur, it is not usually seen. It has, however, managed to destroy her vocal chords somewhat, rendering her unable of speech for long times but still capable of simple sounds. One ear is torn, a price Veritas had to pay while fighting off another rogue wolf when the famine started to worsen and food became scarce. Her hearing is not affected.


Veritas is highly mischievous and adores pranking. She tends to have a more-or-less positive outlook on life, though she sometimes tends to gripe about hardships when irritated. This, of course, leads to her solitary confinement, shutting out all other things to be left alone with her thoughts. IN all her aspects, she is a quiet one - literally. The scar on her throat managed to sour her attitude, though just a tad. She can be serious when needed, able to control herself from disturbing higher ranking members. Her love for healing and helping enables her to remain dedicated to her job and position within the pack. However, Veritas also tends to manifest a darker aura when the topic of her muteness is brought up. She is still sour about it and anyone catching her in an already bad mood to ask about it will find themselves on the wrong side of a wolf who very much knows how to use her claws.
Veritas is a strategist and thinks well on her feet. She adores planning and wartime strategy even if her position as a healer or advisor doesn’t really allow it.
The woman also tends to incorporate quite a bit of dryness and sarcasm into her speech, thought and action, often responding with a nonexistent smile and hard flatness to her eyes.

The first year she became a loner was the year she lost her ear. Ripped off by a hungry male, they were fighting over the last scraps of a carcass some predator had left behind. Humiliating, she knew, but what could be done? Eventually the female won, raising her tail high up in dominance, growling for her challenger to remove himself from her food. That night, she feasted upon the bones picked clean.
The second year of her lonership was the year she lost her voice. She’d been foolish, driven by hunger and fury when a lion strolled out of a hiding spot to leap on and kill the deer she’d been chasing. It was a young one, too, and she would have been able to easily take it down with her experience and size. She’d almost had it until the damned creature stole her kill. Almost spitting fire, the female rashly attacked the lioness, battling tooth and nail for her rightful kill. Of course, hungry and tired, Veritas let her guard down for just one second - and the pain ripped through her, blood pouring from the hideous wound. Guttural sounds were torn from her throat, the woman unable to speak, unable to think about anything but fleeing.
She didn’t notice the lioness hauling up the deer and taking it to her pride.
She received medical attention from a healer in the Stella pack, pulled by the scent of blood in the hopes that it might be a meal. The healer was disappointed that they wouldn’t be finding food that day, but took her in to see the Alpha anyway. Ghost was kind, allowing her to linger within the pack.
Eventually, though, Veritas found a home within the wolves.


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